By Pelekani Lwenje


Cakes! Cakes! Cupcakes! We all love some good home baking. My mom, like most of our mothers, always baked great scones and cakes that you just want to sink your teeth into. Nowadays my sister is lethal when it comes to baking. The reach aroma of vanilla and chocolate essence. Banana cakes, chocolate cake, and so many others. It’s the kind that makes tiny tummies rumble with anticipation and impatience.




Did you know that ancient Egyptians were the first to use yeast in baking? Did you know that the first ovens were discovered in Croatia and that they were estimated around 6,500 years ago. The Egyptians invented yeast in baking around 2600 BC. Wow! So it’s pretty clear that baking has been essential to humans for a long time.

The Roman Empire would even go as far as establishing a Baker’s Guild and regarding the bakers as artisans. It was then in the 19th Century that baking powder was introduced and modern baking would soon follow after that. We’re still enjoying our baking.





Khutenga has the perfect solution to ensure a healthy tasty snack for any occasion.



Meet the GREEN BANANA FLOUR that can be found on THE ANTHILL KITCHEN store. It can be used in gluten free cooking. They are a more helpful information on the website.




Now for my favorite part. Some people have different ideas of how to bake their pastries and each to his own. You’ll be surprised to discover though that some ingredients that you thought were not good are actually necessary.

1/Sugar- it turns out that sugar free baking may not always be good. Sugar actually contributes to not just the flavour but it enhances all the other ingredients as well. It also helps reduce or even counter acts the more bitter compounds of wheat flour and cocoa . It’s also a huge absorber of water so it helps to retain the moisture in your baking.

2/Salt- Just like sugar it helps with balancing the flavor.

Note* It’s all about measurements.


So remember this when you’re looking for a faster and affordable way to get what you need to bake the finest for your loved ones. With Khutenga it will be delivered right to you. That way all of you enjoy the healthiest cakes, cupcakes and even bread.

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