Skin tissue is repaired and regenerated

Applying our fresh, organic snail slime lotion on a daily basis, you’ll see long-term benefits. Allantoin regenerates skin tissue, thus helping to fade those acne scars that blight some people’s lives. It is also effective on burns, blackhead-prone areas and on dark spots caused by ageing or sun exposure.

Skin is moisturised and glowing

Maintaining beautiful skin is a concern among many men and women. Who can claim to never have suffered from problems with their skin? We tend to become obsessed at the slightest emergence of a blemish, which can put a complete dampener on our day. In addition to treating minor blemishes and other sores, maintaining beautiful skin also means having healthy skin, which will prevent the appearance of certain imperfections. For this, your skin needs nourishing. Literally. Right, but how? By providing it with the nutrients it needs. And more precisely with vitamins A and C. Vitamin A supports the even pigmentation of the skin (by activating melanin), which protects your epidermis and guarantees a beautiful, glowing complexion all year long. It also plays a role in providing moisture to the skin. Snail slime cream contains this winning combination of vitamins contained naturally in snail slime.

Wrinkles and other imperfections are reduced

Have you heard of glycolic acid? Aside from it being difficult to pronounce, glycolic acid is known especially for its anti-ageing power. But what role does it actually play in the body and how does it benefit skin? Glycolic acid has several functions: 1. it eliminates dead skin, improving the texture of skin, 2. it promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, which provides moisture to the stratum corneum (external layer of the skin), 3. it distributes melanin, creating an even-toned and brighter complexion, 4. it produces collagen and elastin, improving suppleness and elasticity of the skin. With these remarkable properties, visible and deep-down improvements to the condition of your skin are possible. Provided that your snail slime cream is made with fresh snail slime, like RoyeR Cosmétique’s skin-care range, it can help reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections like dark spots. Plus, it helps to refine the skin´s texture and revitalises the complexion.



It helps keep your skin hydrated

The mucus secretion from snails is made up of over 90% water. This is good for your skin because it helps in keeping it hydrated. For people who have dry skin getting the right product for your skin can be challenging. Snail skincare products are good for your skin because they cater to its hydration need. Regardless of skin type, you need to keep your skin hydrated.



It helps with scars, stretch marks and wrinkles

The snail secretion contains two important components, fibrinolysis enzymes and glycolic acid, which improve scars, wrinkles, acne spots and skin lines. The two components help with nourishing the skin and removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Using products, which contain snail slime for your skincare, will help you tackle scars from acne and surgeries.

You can find this amazing solution for your skin at only k90 on khutenga. What are you waiting for ? Glow your skin with an amazing snail lotion. No need to look for this perfect lotion to suit your skin when you can make a purchase from your comfort of your home and it will be delivered to you at your desired location.

Invest in your skin

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