Compiled by Lorna Liheshi & Mavis Sekeli


Today we applaud a phenomenal woman who has ushered through the digital innovation technology Dr Sheila Tamara Shawa Ph.D. is a Senior Technical &Partnerships Specialist at the Africa Union Commission and CEO of Khutenga an e-commerce platform that has bridged the gap of women in technology.

The platform was formally formed in 2020 and responds to the need of providing a solution to access goods and services outside Lusaka and within.

Dr Shawa is among the few young women in the country that have achieved some milestones in the digital world. Khutenga Investment Limited first established as an e-commerce company that provide retail and wholesale services to both vendors and customers has blossomed to accommodate traders from the agricultural sector. The Khutenga Agriculture department focuses on providing farming inputs for easy accessibility to those in rural areas and vice versa.

The second milestone is the addition of a whole new different service on the site in relation to entertainment called Khutenga Music set to be launched by the end of the first quarter. Khutenga Music will have features such us uploading of music tracks, downloading, streaming, assorted music genres, music ads and many more. All this dedicated to elevate the Zambian artists and talents by evading piracy and giving them the visibility and increase in sales for their music.

The third milestone is the Khutenga Media. A department dedicated to offer Digital Marketing Services to any entity that requires its services. The services include social media management, Branding, Brand Awareness, Graphics & Designing, Community Development, Content Creation, Strategic planning, Post Engagement, virtual stores and many more.

Lastly, Khutenga Investment Limited through Dr Shawa & team has managed to secure partnerships and MOUs with reliable companies to help enhance the company goals.

Today we celebrate our very own CEO who is the brain behind the e-commerce platform and an inspiration to the Khutenga management team.


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