By Pelekani Lwenje



Moms! Mommies! Pay attention. High quality baby care products are available for your adorable little bundle of joy,or as I love to say “little munchkin”. Being a mother must be a surreal,but wonderful experience. One of those life time moments most women have the privilege of enjoying. So it’s quite understandable that when one is welcoming new life into the world that the finest accessories are made available. Let’s face it. Poor quality just won’t cut it. Every baby and toddler needs the best. Every mother needs to feel the best. So step in Khutenga, a very simple website that’s easy to understand, providing you with a wide variety of products and categories. There’s also a dedicated review section that allows you to rate the various products. I found that to be very good. As a Zambian company it’s nice see that they are serious about providing the best products and customer care services. So go ahead and give your baby the best comforts all at affordable prices. Stores such as Baby World Zambia as well as Babies and Toddlers provide you quality products that can help you be a super mom and dad.


Check out this baby court. It’s uniquely designed and provides your baby with plenty of comfort. Nevermind those pesky mosquitoes, they’re not getting in there. It’s practical while still looking fancy and premium. Check it out on the Khutenga website. I promise the price is worth it.




   This Sky Baby Car Seat made me feel rather envious. Sigh. Cool and futuristic looking and the price is jaw dropping. Absolutely affordable. It’s also comfortable and that’s what matters most. It’s baby and toddler comfort on another level. It also supports 9 to 18kg. As you can see very durable. Your little one will be dozing peacefully while you take those long drives.


               BABY WIPES WARMER


   My favorite amongst the many quality products is a wonderful fusion of practicality and technology. This is the baby warmer. It has a USB port which is used as either a plug or a powerbank. It has a one touch temperature control, which is simply brilliant. That means you can ensure that the baby wipes are nice and warm. The other great benefit of the device is that it consumes less power while giving you constant temperature. That’s great news, especially when it comes to keeping the baby wipes nice and comfortable. It’s guaranteed to not cause any discomfort to your little ones when attending to their needs. Yayyyy super mom. The price is also unbeatable. All parents should definitely check this one out.





This infant/toddler Rocker Bouncer is so much fun. Your little munchkins will absolutely love this. It’s just too adorable. Seriously,it even has fancy tech inside it. It omits smooth vibrations and even plays music. It has hanging and removable toys. It has a convenient kickstand that folds out. This is great for feeding your precious ones or even to help the little ones take a nap. Sigh. Once again the price is the real winner here.

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