By Pelekani Lwenje



This is probably going to look like a strange thing to write about,but shoes have been a big deal to people since the beginning. Yeah, I know. It may surprise you,but to some people this may not have seem apparent. I was doing some research and was surprised about what I learnt. You think you know it all,and then you get slapped in the face with all kinds of interesting information. It turns out that wearing shoes dates back to ancient times, and is not some modern trend that began like a couple of hundreds of years ago,but it actually goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Wow! That’s food for thought.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used shoes as a symbol of power.Yeah,I can totally see it. The ancient Chinese had their women putting on shoes that were so tight that many women had difficulty in walking. They thought the tighter and smaller feet on a woman looked the more attractive she was,or something like that. I’m not going to turn this into a history lesson. I only thought about shoes because I thought about all the hard working workers out there. Where can they go to get their hands on some high quality shoes? Hmmmmm!



Shoes, obviously,evolved through time. I’m talking from the medieval all the way to the 20th Century. You know what else has changed? The way we purchase our shoes. Here comes e-commerce. Online shopping,to keep it simple. Khutenga has got plenty of shoes available from some of the top designers. All that at your fingertips.

They’re many advantages to shopping for your shoes online. One of those is getting your shoes at exactly the same size that you request. It can be so annoying when a shop doesn’t have your specific shoe size. Another advantage is you get to order your shoes at any time that you like. That definitely helps especially when it comes to that irritating moment the availability of the shoe that is compromised.

Khutenga also provides you with great affordable prices for whatever shoes that you want. Shoes of all sizes for both male and female. You also get the benefit of deciding what suits your needs based on some great user reviews. If you’re the first customer to purchase a pair of shoes,then write a review. Khutenga is hear to listen and in that regard everything feels like a community. A shopping community. That’s something that you don’t get from regular shopping.  Khutenga aims to revolutionize the way you shop. The user experience is just as important especially in the field of e-commerce,and Khutenga has that down without any problems.




So you’re a hard-working man or woman, and you’re searching for high quality shoes to not only make you look and feel presentable but also to make you feel more like you. Then step right up and explore the shoe of your dreams on Khutenga’s website.


Whether male or female. Regardless of your size. There’s a pair waiting for you at Khutenga. Why wait in line at a crowded store waiting to be attended to? When you can just order your dream pair and have it delivered to you. Safe and efficient.  Looking good at the office is going to change for the better.

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