Ladies who can’t relate. You’re running like mad to avoid been drenched by the heavy downpour of attacking rain, but it’s too late. You were smelling nice and fresh and now that awful damp smell is threatening to overwhelm you.

One soothing and cleansing bath later and you are ready to apply that all too important lotion. Keeping you fresh all day. Khutenga has the finest lotions made from with natural ingredients.

The snail repairing lotion in particular is so relevant to your skin needs. Revolutionary without needing to be technological. It’s just good old fashioned natural skin care. The mucus excretions from snails have been well known to repair damaged skin and also clear away any blemishes. Some people have been known to allow snails to crawl or should that be slither onto their skin and watch as dead skin cells are eaten away. They are many benefits to snail gel. It promotes anti-aging, Kee keeping your skin radiant and even contains antioxidant properties. That seems like a winning formula to keeping you looking good. Why should the rain or any weather keep you down.

You can purchase this on Khutenga app at a very affordable price and it will be delivered right to your door step or preferred location. So get online and make your orders. Your skin deserves to always be fresh. Keep it healthy.

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