By Yamikani Sakala

Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome during the third century, is the patron saint of Valentine’s Day. St Valentine is the subject of many stories, which have evolved into the legend we know today.

Many Romans were turning to Christianity at the time of Valentine’s birth, but Emperor Claudius II, a pagan, imposed tight restrictions on what Christians might do. Claudius believed that Roman soldiers should be entirely dedicated to Rome, thus he established a decree prohibiting their marriage. St Valentine arranged secret Christian rituals to marry these warriors, and this cemented his reputation as a believer in the value of love.

Valentine was eventually apprehended and imprisoned for his crimes against Claudius. Valentine looked after his fellow inmates as well as his jailer’s blind daughter while inside. According to legend, Valentine healed the girl’s blindness and wrote her a love message inscribed ‘from your Valentine’ before being beheaded. In the year 270, Valentine was beheaded on February 14th.

The 14th of February was not declared St Valentine’s Day until more than 200 years later. By this time, Rome had converted to Christianity, and the Catholic Church was on a mission to eradicate any lingering pagan practices. Every year in February, the Pope outlawed a pagan fertility ritual and declared 14 February Saint Valentine’s Day, thereby establishing this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

St Valentine was first associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages by the poet Chaucer. This was the start of the courtly love tradition, a secretive ritual of expressing love and appreciation. This tradition extended throughout Europe, and legends arose about a High Court of Love, where female justices would rule on love-related matters on February 14th of each year. Historians believe these events were actually get-togethers when people read love poetry and played flirtatious games.


Some People’s Views on Valentine’s:      

“After God, comes my mother and that’s who I’m showing love to this Valentine’s”

“Parents should buy their kids gifts this Valentine’s if anyone deserves their love it’s them”

“I am the mushiest person ever so I enjoy having a day where it’s not weird for me to write a card saying all the little things I love about my SO (Significant Other).”

“You may celebrate birthdays, holidays and other achievements but a good relationship is an achievement!”

“Love should be shown through out the year not just one day”

“My partner and I are in different towns due to work and we always try to make the best of any chance we  get to spend time together. Valentine’s for us is usually a fun day to express our love for one another, it’s almost fairy tale like”

“Valentines is just about who got the most expensive and shiniest gift, there is nothing real about it”

The Essence of Valentine’s

There are obviously mixed feelings about Valentine’s. If you pay attention to history the soul of Saint Valentine’s story is Love and that is what Valentine’s day is founded on. In present day Valentine’s has been popularized as a day of romance and expensive flashy gifts. Yet love transcends romance, as seen from one of the comments above, for others Valentine’s is a time they wish to show love to their family members and friends. Surely love is not to be reserved for one specific date but why miss this one? There is so much that goes on in our lives that it’s easy to take for granted the blessing that is our loved ones and Valentine’s reminds us of this. Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to escape a mundane daily routine and do something spontaneous. Is it all about gifts? No! But love is better shown than said. Love is not jealous neither is it envious, the showy display of love by one for another should not affect your effort to show your loved one what they mean to you.

As Ludicrous as this may sound Valentine’s is physically good for the heart. A show of love can improve Heart health. According to growing research, investigation on the different types of relationships have shown that love can protect against heart disease, boost levels of antibodies in the body, reduce levels of stress chemicals, which can damage the immune system, lower risk of disease in general, decrease risk of early death, lengthen life. Surely you want to save a life don’t you?

With that, we understand how exhausting the search for the right gift may be, it takes the fun out of the day. That’s why we at khutenga would like to spread more love this Valentine’s by helping save your energy and time for the right one with a convenient way of shopping.




Valentine’s day with Khutenga

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