By Pelekani Lwenje

When I was a kid I used to have a love or hate relationship with school. The highs were usually better than the lows.  Then comes Covid-19. The virus snuck in like a bad guy from Scooby Doo,or the Power Rangers. Suddenly going to school was no longer safe unless the good guys could unmask the villain and rid the world of it’s reign of terror. Children found themselves staying at home. The privileged few were been home schooled, and I’m not just talking about the world. Zambia was no exception. The biggest disruption Covid has caused was how it has affected the school going child of Africa, and Zambia. Sure you’ve probably got kids who are excited that they get to stay home and play, but there’s still the kids who think “School is Cool”. It’s also very important. This is where Khutenga,a retailer I discovered,comes in.

 Government Prevention Measures:

 The good news is that the Zambian government has been vigilant with ensuring that schools are safe for our kids when they return to class. Many classrooms across the country have been disinfected and hand sanitizers distributed. Going to school should be safe for our much eager bundles of joy,so they right stationery is obviously required.



Khutenga has quite a selection of products to keep any parent satisfied. They sale educational books and children’s books. All at affordable prices. They have art and craft supplies to bring out the best in your child’s creativity and positivity. That’s a big deal. It’s all safely distributed to your door step. Khutenga,like the government measures,aims to be your one stop shopping destination. This is all thanks to the miracles of online shopping. Covid will hopefully never dampen the spirits of our kids enjoying the basic pleasures of receiving an education. That’s a big deal and the right step.

So let’s face it. In these uncertain times, platforms like Khutenga are making sure that education comes first. Heaven forbid if going to shops no longer becomes an option. At least you can always be sure to order your goods safely and keep the inquisitive youngsters satisfied. School is cool after all. So let’s put smiles on our kids faces. Msimbis stores and Peloan Bookshop provide you the necessary requirements and below are some of the products available on the site:

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