• iOS is faster and smoother

iOS is undoubtedly faster and smoother and it does not slow down and frequently hang as time passes, iOS excels with its high quality performance, With its wonderful internal specifications, the iPhone’s speed feels like a magical illusion. It is very smooth and fast. The internal storage of iPhones is higher.

  • Security

Attackers are not able to target iOS users when all of these data are combined. Its superior software and technological advancements make its coding mechanism impenetrable for malware and viruses. Apple device’s privacy and security standards are very good and strong and work hard to close any gaps that could damage its reputation.

  • Multifunctional Camera

The iPhone has one of the best cameras on any mobile device. The iPhone also comes with a whole host of software features to help you take photos, including panoramas and HDR modes, as well as filters to add spice to your shots.


  • It also boasts Siri, an Artificial Intelligence-based personal assistant that will be able to answer your questions and give you information just by asking her. Whether you’re looking for local restaurants or want to know the date of your next appointment, Siri can help you find out just about anything just by asking!
  • And to add more this, no other mobile’s Fingerprint sensor could match Apple’s Touch ID sensor, making it a lot more secure and protected.

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