Born in a poor family of six girls in the western province of Zambia. The death of my father at an early age made me see the strength of a woman through my mother who was a consistent hard worker. My name is Judith Najuka Kaywala a single mother of three children.

My cashew journey started when I got my first job in the cashew processing industry that was under Wamboma Cashew Holdings in 2007, this was the beginning of my love and passion for cashew nuts. I served at the company for three years and it was shut down after the death of the Founder.

I had mastered the art of processing cashew nuts which pushed me to start purchasing cashew nuts in smaller quantities which were processed with an axe to open up the raw cashew nuts which were sold to taxi drivers and in bars as snacks.

After two years I managed to save money that enabled me to purchase a manual punching machine. The machine helped to quicken the process of processing cashew nuts production and this helped with the growth of the business and birthed two other types of machinery of the same kind.

While struggling to grow my business, other competitors arouse, and I was hired to train their staff, new innovations that the competitors brought triggered me to improve my business and within a year I became their biggest competitor.

Today I can proudly say am the C.E.O NAJUKA ENTERPRISE and am one of the biggest distributors of cashew nuts in large quantities. I have incorporated other items such as rice and cashew butter and I have the passion to grow and diversify my business. You can purchase cashew nuts on Khutenga and they will be delivered to your doorstep making your life easy.

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