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By Mavis Sekeli

Lifestyle is a word used to describe people’s day to day activities, as above the definition taken from Oxford languages. But what are these lifestyles really?

Although a broad definition we can break the word down into several categories;

  • Adventuristic Lifestyle
  • Hedonistic Lifestyle
  • Individualistic Lifestyle
  • Promethean Lifestyle


This tends to be characterised by new experiences. You tend to be constantly on the hunt for something new, whether doing or seeing new things. An adventuristic lifestyle is a continuous chain of surprises and learning experiences, you are ever pushing to experience and learn something about yourself and the world.


This is more on the pleasurable side of life, you are all about the pleasures, let it be simple or big that is the drive of this lifestyle. Mainly characterized by hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure, self-indulgence), the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.


As the name suggests this lifestyle is driven by one’s individuality, favouring the individual needs over those of groups.


Taken from Prometheus, a Titan from Greek Mythology. The Lifestyle denotes one who is boldly creative or defiantly original in behaviour or actions. Those that dawn this lifestyle, live to be extraordinary as they choose not to pursue the life the same way others do.

After speaking on those certainly you are thinking to yourself, there is one aspect that has been left out, but that is deliberate because this aspect has grown to be the embodiment of lifestyle, yes you guessed it right FASHION. Fashion is lifestyle and lifestyle is fashion, the two can be interchangeable (in most cases).

Fashion is now a form of self-expression, mainly implying your chosen lifestyle. From the clothing you wear, the accessories you dawn, the shoes on your feet, the style of your hair and even your body posture, fashion speaks volumes and, in this day, and age can be categorized as its own lifestyle. With many living this lifestyle referred to as the Fashionistas, this lifestyle focuses on following the trend, what is new and what is happening, although it’s not all about simply following the trend, it’s also about keeping up and building on the trend, as fashion is considered a form of art in these circles.

If you wish to keep up with your lifestyle, here are a few stores that are listed on Khutenga that can help you do just that:

  • Mwashe Trends
  • Megcan Boutique
  • Tropicana Island
  • Jaystar Links
  • Kicks n Threads
  • Eric Zedwide Store
  • Sports Locker ZM

You can Purchase all their products directly from


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  1. I can already tell, I have a Hedonistic lifestyle. Because I am the next best thing since Netflix
    Mervis….keep on sharing different views about fashion, life and etcetera. Marvelous work….I love this

  2. Beautiful article. Very inspirational.

  3. Totally well crafted article.

  4. The article is well articulated with extraordinary ways of defining what a lifestyle really means should how it should be considered, very impressive piece of writing..

  5. I just finished reading this article you have left me in awe of you. I enjoyed it.. Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing.

    Good Reads.

  6. One couldn’t have explained better the real aspects of #lifestyle I must say I’m really glad I took time to read this well articulated piece of writing it was worth it I have grasped a good number of things and helpful information a good positive drive very impressive. Thank you

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