By Pelekani Lwenje






Nowadays the company is known as Hp inc. Who are they you wonder? They are the pioneers of the PC as we know them today. They also introduced many other accessories that revolutionised the way we use our computers. Those accessories are still an integral part of our lifestyles. Whether you’re a hard-working business man or woman. Whether you’re an author or journalist,or just someone looking to enjoy the internet. The laptop and the desktop computer are a necessity. This is the company pushed boundaries with smart business savvy.

The company was created and founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. Two geeky kids who were graduates from and had studied electrical engineering and like Steve Jobs and other tech creators. They started their empire in the garage at home. Hmmmmmm. There’s something about Americans and garages. This was way back in 1939. The two started off small,even creating counter radar technology that would be used during World War 2. Before that they had created audio oscillator equipment which Walt Disney Studios would incorporate in an upcoming animated film at the time.  It was in 1970s that they entered the field of computing and became credited for creating the world’s first Personal Computer (PC). By the 1980s they introduced inkjet printers and laser printers. Phew! This was not supposed to be a history lesson,and believe me when I say this was brief. I only brought it up because Khutenga has quite a number of excellent laptops from this California based company.




Khutenga is determined to get a piece of that e-commerce pie. In Zambia, especially,it stands a chance to be in forefront. E-commerce is still in its infancy due to a market that differs depending on the services provided. In other words a company needs to cater to the needs of the customers in order to enjoy good business. It’s more about a relationship with its customers as opposed to just letting shops dictate to you what you want,or need.

The most sold goods are clothing, accessories and motor vehicle spare parts. They are other items of course. All that provides great benefits for Khutenga. Such benefits include not needing to wait for long periods to receive your goods when you can have them in a few hours. The locality of such transactions is highly beneficial and reliable. Many Zambians are busy purchasing goods from outside of the country and sometimes the quality of those items is questionable not too mention the information contained for some of those items is misleading. Through Khutenga, customers are guaranteed high quality.

Zambians are heavy social network users. Thats why Khutenga is set to thrive. It’s a plus for you and for them.




Back to the main topic. No matter your field or area of expertise. There is a top quality laptop just for you. Khutenga has them and accessories and ready to deliver.




That’s just a taste of the HP products you will find on Khutenga’s website and they are available. So what are you waiting for? The other advantages of purchasing from Khutenga is that shipments within Zambia are free in 9 provinces. Wow! Wow! There’s also a 90 days refund if the items do not meet your satisfaction. This is way more convenient than getting those items from across the globe, and guess what?! Khutenga also delivers internationally. Visit their website to find out more

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