By Chama Bwalya

I am Chama Chinkumbi Bwalya and I am the proprietor of Tillage Village Farm.
Tillage Village specializes in the growth of organic products with an emphasis on strawberries.
Founded in 2018 it has been our goal to provide the market with fresh and natural fruit that provides a wholesome experience.
At Tillage Village  Farms we are passionate about everything related to strawberries and have found successful ways to incorporate them.
The decision to place particular emphasis on Strawberry stems from our previous experience with other crops and produce, such as Tomato and Cabbages, which at times yielded a low returns due to the abundance of the produce on the market in addition to wastage of the product
 Strawberry is a popular fruit, a switch to growing strawberries posed a certain allure which we at  Tillage Village did not hesitate upon.
Strawberries are   grown in all the temperate regions of the world and their perennial nature made it an easy decision for us as it entailed that we would enjoy harvests for nine months in a calendar year – which is very good for business! It became apparent that Tillage Village would be able to reap the rewards of our Labor for several years after initially planting them provided the proper care was afforded.
Paired with the ability to prevent waste by adding value to our strawberries through dehydration and the production of Jam.
 Tillage Village has been able to do away with the large wastage that was experienced with our previous crops!
Tillage Village Farms for Fresh, healthy and wholesome products.

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