Like all new ventures the beginning always leads to a rewarding end, a lucrative end. But guess what?!!! Khutenga brings our great Zambian farmers an opportunity to stand a great deal to gain from using the Khutenga online app of which the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Yes, some concerns related to farming via online are understandable. The growth in e-commerce is undeniable. It has already reached well over $3 Trillion Dollars and in the period of 2018-2021 it had accumulated between 11.9%-17.5% in retail sales. This year is an indication that e-commerce is the future and that it will continue to grow tremendously.


As an e-commerce company, Khutenga is able to reach farmers nationwide. Mobile device has steadily become a necessity and Inexpensive devices are available to all. Farmers are able to access khutenga’s services which it is an easy website to navigate.

WHAT DOES KHUTENGA BRING TO THE AGRICULTURE BUFFET?                                                   Khutenga brings business ethic that is designed for the local market. Their business model is great in providing farmers with new rewarding digital solutions. As mentioned in previous blogs, they will be exposed to new markets through e-commerce. Khutenga has partnered with the top leaders in the fields of agricultural in order to offer farmers with cutting edge solutions to improve their business.


Traditionally farmers in Zambia would have to transport their produce across the country. Commercial farmers usually can afford to reach more consumers, but the ever rising growth of small scale farmers don’t always have that opportunity. Khutenga has got you covered with many benefits for farmers once they start adding online solutions to their agricultural businesses such as:

1) Easy access to the internet which means farmers can sell to newer and untapped buyers

2) The opportunity to deliver fresher produce to consumers. (Traditionally farming produce has to go through several intermediaries before finally reaching consumers)

3) Customers become regular (customers will know where to get there trusted products from)

4) Farmers will have expected buyers for their produce. (Farmers will not have to travel to look for customers but customers will readily be available.


Come on farmers get yourselves connected and experience the new revolution to enhancing your businesses. Khutenga is here to connect you to your supportive customers who daily relay on your produce and deliver the produce to the door step of the able customers. What are you waiting for? Don’t be left out in the new e-commerce agriculture, Khutenga is here to make all your selling and buying of products online to capture a national-wide of buyers and sellers, not to forget the fast delivery at your door step. Come on!! register to vend with Khutenga and buy your products on Khutenga to make your life easy. What are you waiting for? Make your life easy and stress free.


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