The slanting rays of the sunset paints the sky with peach and salmon. Like a cantaloupe fruit its bright colour blazes through the midday kissing the buildings with its warm light, as the specks of dust seem to sway effortlessly like ballroom dancers.

Everyone loves to feel free and confident in a lightweight fabric and still look fabulous and elegant. Summer is here to generate the body with production of vitamin D, supporting bone health and lowering blood pressure. The wind been experienced is a clear indication to grace the heat with a wardrobe change and to represent the summer vibes by allowing the beautiful skin tone to glow with the sun.



Well, Khutenga is here to make your life easier and convenient with the online store that has the best fabrics and stylish designs that will make you fall in love just at the glimpse of the perfect outfit at a very affordable price and it has all summer outfits such as beautiful floral dresses, biker shorts slippers, shorts swimming costumes, caps, bikinis and many more fantastic outfits with a great quality that won’t disappoint you.

No need to walk around shop to shop looking for summer clothes when you can do that at your comfort zone at your own time and to be delivered at your doorstep. All you have to do is download the Khutenga app on your phone select the clothes you want to buy and pay using any convenient mobile money.

And as Oprah said “summer has a flavour like no other always fresh and simmered in sunshine’’.

Khutenga. Getting you equipped for the summertime.

By Lorna Liheshi

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